July 21, 2009

1975 “Shootout!” of the Mean Street Bikes

1975 Shootout! Motorcycle Speed Performance Super Hot Street Bikes 6pg Article available at www.DadsVintageAds.com

Bring us the meanest bikes you’ve got, we said, and make ’em street-legal. Meanest, as it turned out, was hardly the word.

Participants; American Turbo-Pak, Denco, Hot Bike Engineering, RC Engineering, Specialists Two

The Plan: determine who was making cafe racer engine go-fast parts…who would be willing to screw his own parts into his own engine…then see whose parts were the most effective in terms of sheer accelerative performance…

Photo captions:

The Nicosia / Hot Bike Engineering motorcycle: just what we wanted.

With consistent 10.6’s, Specialists Two was second quickest.

The RC Engineering 1000cc Honda Four was brand new when it appeared for the shootout. When the day was done it was well broken in.

American Turbo-Pak Turbocharger installation was neat, tidy, compact and potent.

The guys from Denco cooled their Kawasaki after every run.

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